Ready Set’s Rental Shop is here to accommodate the needs of stylists & art directors (and more) who don’t have the time or the budget to have a set custom made to spec. We carry an inventory of pre-made floors, walls, backdrops & shapes that can be rented by the piece, per day with a minimum of work required to transport and set-up.

This site showcases a diverse range of products and allows the client to browse, examine, inquire and even request a quote.

However, the interaction between our staff and the client is what sets us apart – we provide expertise and problem-solving that cannot be captured in an e-commerce environment – and as such we still require that orders be finalized in person. In this way you know you will receive the full attention to detail that you’ve come to expect from us, no matter the size of your job.

Of course, whenever a job’s demands exceed the scope of a pre-made rental set – Readyset Inc. is there to exceed the client’s expectations.

Your info stays with us!
We only drop you a line when new stuff hits the shelves!