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Ready Set’s mission is to exceed client expectations. We deliver solutions from our Custom Fabrication shop and our Rentals division.

The Rental shop is here to accommodate the needs of clients who may not have the time or the budget to have a set custom made to spec.

The Ready Set Rentals web site showcases a diverse range of products; pre-made floors, walls, backdrops & shapes that can be rented by the piece, per day with a minimum of work required to transport and set-up.

All jobs are considered and finalized with direct communication, rather than via carts and web forms, as we offer expertise and problem-solving that cannot be provided in an e-commerce environment.

Besides, we enjoy working with people!


Ready Set, Inc. is first and foremost, a service company. Since our start in 1997, Ready Set, Inc. has been the standard bearer for set-building in the NYC metro area.

We know that every project, regardless of size, has complexity and variables that must be reconciled and resolved.

Our Producers consider all jobs with a ‘we can do that’ attitude. Every staff member at Ready Set has access to the accumulated wisdom from our three decades of problem solving. Across the entire team of producers, the production team, management and a world wide web of suppliers, we have ample resources to tackle anything you can throw at us. Couple that with our continuing desire to grow, learn and create new opportunities for our team, and we know we’re a great fit for you!

The products, services and our portfolio as shown on our sites only touch the surface of how we can help you. Our goal is always to finish a job to your complete satisfaction, as well as your client’s. In the process, if we can improve our methods, learn new techniques and continue to expand, that’s our reward!

As our client, you can be confident in knowing that your job is being looked at as an integral organism, rather than an integer. We want you to be able to focus on the aspects of your job you enjoy, and not have to worry about the ‘nuts and bolts.’ During the production phase we’ll send you drawings, pictures and updates and we always encourage you to visit our shop, as seeing what we’re working on is as important as knowing you don’t need to.

Our 30,000 square foot Brooklyn facility spans a full block with 6 access points on two streets to accommodate loading in and out to and from multiple access points. Located minutes away from the myriad event spaces, venues and studios that make up our arena doesn’t mean we won’t deliver out-of-town solutions.

Your info stays with us!
We only drop you a line when new stuff hits the shelves!