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 (must be agreed to prior to submitting an order request)


Rental items can be picked up and returned between the hours of 8am – 12pm and 12:30pm – 4:30pm Monday through Friday.


The website does not calculate pricing for you. Information regarding pricing is in each item’s detail description page. Due to the complexity of scheduling and configuration of sets the price must be calculated from the information you provide on the order submission form. Although many of the fields in the order form are not required, please bear in mind that it will help us create an accurate estimate and avoid any potential problems (access size etc.) if you can provide us with as much information as possible.


The proper use, assembly, installation and placement of the Rental Item(s) is the responsibility of the client. Any instructions and requirements will be offered at the time of rental and will be available on the website. While in possession of the Rental Item(s) the customer assumes liability for any claims or damages arising from improper use, installation or assembly.


All rental items are rented “as-is.” We take pride in the quality of our inventory and do our best to ensure that the images accurately represent the item you receive. However, minor wear and tear and other defects may occur over time and during the course of transport & we are not responsible for any discrepancy in the representation of the items. If your project requires exact condition please contact us prior to confirming.


You are responsible for the transportation of all rental items. You must confirm that the location of the project can accommodate the delivery and installation of the pieces. If the pieces do not fit or are otherwise returned you may be charged for the rental period. We do not charge for days in transit, provided the items are picked up after noon the day prior to use and returned before noon the day following the project. Any additional time will be billed on a per day rate.


All rental projects are to be paid for prior to pick up. We accept Visa, MasterCard & American Express. Upon confirming an order we will send you a copy of the rental invoice along with payment instructions (this may be a link for you to follow to submit payment online). Any alternate method of payment must be approved prior to releasing your order. Please indicate in the NOTE on the last page of the order submission form.


You are responsible for the items while in your care, and while in transit. It is very important that you use a messenger or trucking company who carries insurance. It is also very important that you inspect the items on arrival and again before departure. We will charge a replacement fee of up to five times the initial day rate to replace any item damaged to the extent it must be replaced. Any damage that can be repaired by our staff will incur a charge equal to the initial day (or week) rate.

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