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Item: (1x) 8′ x 8′ Wall

Material: Pulp Art Faux Exposed Alley Brick

Finish: Paint – *Wall color will vary, it can be custom painted to your specifications


*We have a 2′ header that can be added to make this wall 10′ tall

*The window is 64″ x 64″ and functional, it has aged plexiglass panes and opens away from camera

*Our Exposed Alley Brick walls have the same brick and can be used with this wall



Ready Set offers delivery for rental items, if you are interested in having us deliver please let us know and we will check our availability.


Important Notes

It is essential to make sure whatever items you rent are able to fit in the freight elevator of the studio you’ll be using as well as the messenger service vehicle.

All items rent in “as is” condition. We recondition all of out rental items when they come back from a job to keep them in good working order. If any damage occurs to the rental items once they’ve left our shop the renter is liable for the cost to repair or remake each item.

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