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How Can I Pay?

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard & American Express. All payment arrangements must be made BEFORE we agree to release the order to a messenger. We will either ask you for your card info before confirming the job, or send a link with a payment gateway for you to submit yourself. We do not offer terms or accept checks unless you have a pre-existing account with us. If you are working for a magazine, let us know as we may be able to bill the magazine directly. For your security and our merchant services we may not accept 3rd party credit card information without certain accreditation.

What Else Do I Need To Tell You?

1) It is vital that you tell us where your set is going. Many of our pieces are large enough that they will not fit in passenger elevators or up flights of stairs. We cannot be responsible if the set does not fit, but it is in our interest to make sure you get a set you can use, and since we have years of experience with the area locations we can head off many possible problems right away. Of course, if we don’t know the location, it will be up to you to ensure the set will fit.

2) We need to know the messenger service you are using. Please tell us prior to pick so we can ensure the right messenger collects the right set!


What If I Cannot Get It Back To You Friday Before You Close?

We will only charge you for the days your rental “works.” You may have the piece(s) picked up from noon to 4:30 the day prior to the shoot and the return must be made by noon the day following or additional daily charges will apply. Remember that some trucking companies may charge you to store it in their truck overnight.

What Do I Need To Tell You?

We cannot give you a quote without knowing at least: What item, how many (or how big) and how long.

An example – you want a specific floor in 12’x8’ and it comes in panels of 4’x8’ so you would need three pieces. Then you need to shoot on it Thursday & Friday so it would rent for two days so we would quote you for 3 pieces of the floor for 2 days.


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